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We are farmers and have a German Shepherd Kennel. Puppies are in our home and are with us 24/7. Our rugs get so stained and just plain dirty. These people came today and I don't think they knew what they were getting into?? Our rugs look brand new And when the husband notices that's impressive!! Thank you Bob for your sweat and hard work!! We will be seeing you again!!
Bob 5 
Carpet cleaning 5 
Thank you again!!
Williams Farms & Von Williams Haus Kennels


3 months ago After years of being unable to take care of things in and outside of my home, it became extremely cluttered with trash, boxes, and became really unclean. I was unable to do anything about it as I watched my surroundings get worse and worse. Previously after my spinal injury I had a caretaker that helped me keep it clean, but they had quit abruptly for a different job and I was left without any help. I have no friends or family that could assist me. I was able to obtain LTC benefits through the state and after about a year of rehabilitative therapy I was still unable to make much difference fixing my living situation. Finally my LTC provider hired SERVPRO to help me and over the course of 3 days returned my home in better condition than when I first moved it. They are so fast at what they do, and work so well as a team. They were very careful to take care of things I did not want damaged. They even helped me put a lot of it back where I wanted, since that would have been extremely hard for me to do. My stress and depression are so much better since this has been done. I sincerely cannot thank them enough for their hard work and passion for helping people in need. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their home restored after any life event that can make a home into a bad living environment.

They jumped in quicker than we expected and got the work done in  a timely manner. 

"Technicians had a good personality, did a very good job"

"Great service, you know your stuff"

Great work! S.I.

From the quotes I received the price was the best. Staff were very pleasant & on task.


Your crew was one of the best group of workers I've ever dealt with kudo's to all of them. For what they do, they deserve a raise! and I'm not even kidding, don't even know what they make :) Jude